The all new awe-inspiring Palmbay Garden Villas

Enlivened by the incredible American Landscape Idea, Palmbay Garden Villas is a prestigious task attempted by Shwas Homes Pvt. Ltd which is nearing completion. The in-house planners and developers of Shwas Homes Pvt. Ltd. have worked hard nonstop to mix the American Landscape Idea with current architectural styles in the most engaging and persuading way.

Palmbay Garden Villas is spotted at the heart of the shockingly beautiful riverfront township- the Shwas Homes Aquacity in Aluva. All villas have been intended to engage diverse aesthetical tastes of individuals in the most persuading way. All the 3BHK villas give uncompromised space and extravagance in every sense unfailingly.

Shwas Homes Palmbay Gardens

Take a look at some of the highlights of Shwas Homes Palmbay Garden Villas

  • 3 BHK and studio contemporary styles and designed villas
  • Private garden courtyard inside living room
  • Stylish 2 level living & dining room
  • American style jogging track and landscape strip with palm trees in-front of each villa.

Shwas Homes Palmbay Garden Villas is en route to turn into the finest expressions of the extravagance living space with world-class facilities like shopping centers, multiplexes, boat clubs, and indoor tennis & squash courts alongside more dazzling never-before amenities and conveniences for the customers.

The villa presents a breath-taking greenery and the waterway  view unfailingly presents a peaceful forethought. Life is in the best tunes here in Palmbay. With Shwas Homes Palmbay Garden Villas you will never miss to experience the genuine garden living.

Palm Bay Villas –Shwas Homes team successfully leaping ahead in sales

First time in cochin, American lansdcape concept is incorporated to a villa project. Garden Living inside Palmbay Garden Villas is a fresh experience to Villa residents. Villa booking is progressing so fast that out of 68 villas 14 villas are already sold within few weeks of product launch. This reflects Shwas Homes marketing teams’ successful promotional activities conducted at Lulu Mall, Oberon Mall, Nucleus Mall, Gold Souke on June 15,16, 22&23.

Palmbay Garden Villas Colony ViewShwasHomes Palmbay Garden VillasPalmbay Garden Villas LIVING DININGPalmbay Garden Villas BEDROOMPalmbay Garden Villas KITCHEN

Key Attractions :

  • Garden Villas in Riverfront Township Aquacity in Cochin
  • Aquacity is in 17 acres with 81 World Class amenities worth  50 crores
  • Ideally located between Cochin City & Cochin International airport @ Periyar River anks
  • 3BHK + Study contemporary Style Luxury   Villas
  • Garden Country  yard inside living room giving fresh Ambience
  • Authentic 2 level  Living and Dining Area
  • Spacious Garden Balcony option
  • Villa project with American concept of Flower Turfs, Jogging Tracks, landscape strip and Lush  Palm trees.